God, religion and peace

I concluded that, according to his devotees (of various denominations and where else could I get that information?), god only discriminates from his righteousness to atheists. I see Christians, Jews and Muslims killing each other and others, because of their faith (not atheists, except if defending their lives). And I see atheists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others, sometimes acting according to their beliefs or their tradition or their ethics and sometimes not so much. If god (Allah, Yahweh or Jesus Christ) loves all his creatures, why do his devotees (definitively not “her devotees”) want to kill those who are not? god loves me, but he wants one of his devotees to attack me and even to deliberately kill me? Of course!

Without a doubt, god is capable of harboring hatred, because he can do everything (infinitely loving doesn’t mean that he cannot be a little hateful) and demands blind devotion (he can also get rid of his humility and release his ego; who do you think you are, to criticize him, mister insolent pants?).And asks you to believe these things, while you do not steal, do not lie, do not kill (you can hurt, even your slaves, you can leave them half dead that, if they recover, it’s OK. Isn´t illegal to possess people?).

But worship god is the most important thing, to the point that, in order to prove that you do, you can lie, steal and kill (in fact, they encourage you to, I mean, they command you to and don’t tell me I am a liar… and for the most trivial reasons, like the threads of your clothes or claiming someone else’s raped you). So, what is it to believe in god? Lie, steal and kill in his name? Peace is near: I prefer not to kill anyone (or eat from what someone else killed).

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